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Controlling Mosquitoes

It’s no secret that mosquitoes are the unwanted party guest at every outdoor event you’re hosting or attending this summer. Arguably the most annoying of pests, the mosquito can be found buzzing around your ears, hovering over puddles, and sneakily biting your ankles. These bites are not only irritating, they also have the potential to severely impact your health.

All is not lost for your backyard get-together, though! Take your bonfire crew from swatting and itching to relaxing and chatting with these tips from the pest control experts.

Dangers of Mosquitoes

The threat of mosquito diseases may seem like a faraway concept for us Texans. However, it is possible for mosquitoes in the United States to carry Zika, dengue, or West Nile Virus and transmit them to your family through bites. Take no risks when it comes to your family’s health and safety.

  • Cover Up and Repel: Wearing pants and long sleeves is a great way to keep the mosquitoes off your skin. When the heat is too extreme for this, be sure to wear a healthy amount of the insect repellant of your choice.
  • No Standing Water: Mosquitoes make their home and reproduce in standing water, meaning there are a plethora of different spots they can set up camp across your yard including bird baths. puddles, swimming pools, water toys, wheelbarrows and buckets, watering cans, and hose hookups. Anything that may collect water on a rainy day should be emptied and dried quickly — remember that mosquitoes can go from an egg to nymph in a matter of days!
  • Foliage Control: If there’s one thing mosquitoes love as much as water… and biting’s cool, shady spots. This includes finding nooks in long grass, and overgrown shrubs or plants. Making your yard a brighter, sunnier place will create a less habitable place for the mosquito population. So, keep up with your yard work, it will do well for your landscaping beauty as well!
  • Burn Mosquito-Repelling Wood: A big part of summertime gatherings involves bonfires. Fill your pit with piñon wood which produces an especially fragrant smoke, something mosquitoes can’t stand! Another smell these buzzers flee from is citronella. Head to the store and pick up some citronella candles to scatter around the porch and backyard for some extra repelling strength.

Natural Mosquito Repellents 

As we’ve seen, mosquitoes don’t take well to most smells. Luckily for us, the scents they can’t stand are often ones that smell sweet to us!

  • Coffee Grounds: Did you know your morning coffee grounds are a natural mosquito repellent? Leave them out to dry after your morning cup and transfer them to a bowl. Keep the bowl on the porch and singe with a lighter to give off that rich, coffee smell you’ll love and the mosquitoes will hate!
  • Essential Oils: Some scents that repel mosquitoes include citronella, lavender, peppermint, and thyme. Keep spray bottles around the yard for family and guests to arm themselves with.
  • Plants: Use your green thumb to your advantage and plant some basil, peppermint, rosemary, lavender, or sage. They are likely to keep the biters at bay because of their sweet smell.

Bring in the Experts

Ultimately, the best way to rid your yard of mosquitoes is by bringing in the professionals. When you choose Paragon Pest Control, the tech-savvy pest control crew, you’ll receive a service that eradicates adult mosquitoes, larvae, and eggs!

End the aggravation of these insects in your yard and protect your family from pesky and potentially dangerous bites by calling us today at (972) 449-4233. You can also contact us online with any more questions you may have about our services.