Three Pests to Look Out For This Spring

ant crawling

Spring is a time for new beginnings and heading outdoors! As we begin to come out of our homes, we move into nature’s territory where bugs, rodents, and other crawlers have made their homes and are ready to defend themselves.

There are three bugs that emerge in spring that homeowners should especially be on the lookout for: fire ants, termites, and mosquitos.

Bug Off!

Fire Ants

With a name to match their fiery red look, fire ants are some of the most intense home and yard invaders.


When disturbed, fire ants will naturally want to protect their homes. If you come across a swarm of fire ants, you are susceptible to their incredibly painful stings. As they sting you, they grip onto your skin with their mandibles and will only give in when physically brushed off.

A fire ant sting can hurt for an extended period of time and often will develop into a white-headed blister. If you experience a fire ant sting, ice the area to reduce swelling and apply hydrocortisone cream to reduce any itchiness.

Keep an eye on the sting and contact your doctor if you notice:

  • Excessive swelling
  • Dizziness
  • Difficulty breathing

These symptoms could be signs of an allergic reaction and should be addressed immediately.

Signs of Fire Ants

A telltale sign of a fire ant infestation is spotting several small mounds of dirt. These ants create their homes by digging tunnels underground and as they do, they push the excess dirt above the surface, creating piles all over your yard. It is essential that as soon as you notice these mounds, you call an extermination team to take care of these fiends.


How could something so small wreak so much havoc on a home? Termites are terrible (uninvited) houseguests that leave a big mess in their wake.


These tiny colonies are responsible for more than 40 billion dollars of damage to homes, globally, every year. Termites feed on cellulose found in dead plants, trees, drywall, and wallpaper. Once they have found your home, they will munch and munch, causing damage that is often found too late.


Because termite damage is so terrible, it’s important to keep an eye out for the signs that they’ve begun feasting on your home.

Some signs that you should call pest control are:

  • Peeling paint and warped wood
  • Tiny holes in drywall
  • Suddenly creaky floorboards
  • Pellet-shaped droppings around the home
  • Discolored drywall

What Attracts Termites?

How is it that termites come to find their new feeding ground? Some things that draw termites in are piles of wood near your home, excess foliage, tree limbs that reach near your roof and walls, and clogged gutters.


The buzzy, flying, always annoying mosquito comes out to play in the spring. The most annoying bonfire companion who has mastered its sting is a pest that Paragon Pest Control is ready to rid your backyard of.


Unless you’ve spent your entire life in a bug net, there is very little chance that you’ve never felt the horrible, lasting itchiness of a mosquito bite. A swarm of pesky mosquitoes can ruin your day and when you’ve just about had enough, they seem to multiply!

Not only are the bites irritating, but they can also transmit diseases like the Zika virus, yellow fever, and malaria to you and your family.

Controlling These Pests

Fire ants, termites, and mosquitos are persistent pests that require proper extermination by a professional. When you begin to notice the signs of an infestation, give Paragon Pest Control a call!

Our pest technicians are properly trained to rid your home and yard of all signs of bugs, including any larvae or nests. Our services will ensure that we eradicate your pest problem and do our best to keep them from returning to wreak havoc on your home again!

Call Paragon Pest Control at (972) 449-4233 to discuss your options or schedule your appointment online now!