Wildlife Wednesday - The Fox Squirrels of DFW

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Wildlife Wednesday - The Fox Squirrels of DFW

In the bustling urban and suburban landscapes of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, wildlife like the Fox Squirrel play a fascinating role in our ecosystem. Active throughout the year, these squirrels become particularly noticeable during winter as they forage and prepare for colder months.

Understanding Fox Squirrels:

Fox Squirrels, the largest species of tree squirrels in North America, are easily identifiable by their large size and distinctive coloration. They are an integral part of DFW's urban wildlife, often seen scampering across parks and backyards.

Winter Behavior:

Winter is a busy time for Fox Squirrels. As the temperature drops, they are more visible, gathering food to sustain them through colder days. Unlike some animals, they don't hibernate but instead rely on caches of nuts and seeds.

Coexisting with Fox Squirrels:

While generally harmless, Fox Squirrels can occasionally become a nuisance, especially if they invade homes for warmth. Here are some tips for coexisting peacefully with them:

  • Keep trees trimmed to prevent easy access to rooftops.

  • Secure your attic and other potential entry points.

  • Enjoy their playful antics from a distance and avoid feeding them, which can encourage dependency.

Importance in the Ecosystem:

Fox Squirrels play a crucial role in seed dispersal, aiding in forest regeneration. Their presence also adds to the biodiversity and natural beauty of our urban environment.


Next time you spot a Fox Squirrel darting about in your DFW neighborhood, take a moment to appreciate these adaptable and resilient creatures. Their year-round activity, especially during winter, adds a lively charm to our urban landscapes.

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