Rodent & Wildlife Removal

Grand Prairie Rodent & Wildlife Control Services

Comprehensive Rodent Removal in the DFW Area

Some of the most hated pests in Texas, as well as all over the world, are rodents. Rats, mice, squirrels, and other creatures create enormous messes in short lengths of time, chewing through insulation, wiring,  screens – and your pantry!

If you're dealing with unruly rodents, our pest control team is here to help. Paragon Pest Control is proud to offer expert rodent and wildlife removal in Grand Prairie and the surrounding DFW area.

Give our exterminators a call at (972) 449-4233 or contact us online for quick rodent removal.

Humane Raccoon and Opossum Removal Services

Even if you don’t have rodents, you might be bothered with other wild animals, such as raccoon or opossums. Wild creatures belong in the wild, not roaming around your basement or attic. Our knowledgeable extermination team knows how to safely remove these critters at once.

Protect Your Home with Expert Raccoon Control

Raccoons may seem cute and harmless, but they can cause significant damage to your property if not properly controlled. Their strong jaws and dexterous paws allow them to easily tear through roofing materials, insulation, and even electrical wiring. This can lead to costly repairs and potential safety hazards.

At Paragon Pest Control, we specialize in professional raccoon control services to help you prevent and resolve raccoon infestations. Our team of experienced technicians is trained in the safe and humane removal of raccoons, ensuring that your property and the raccoons themselves are protected.

Benefits of professional raccoon control include:

  • Preventing property damage: Our experts will identify and seal off potential entry points to prevent raccoons from accessing your home or building.
  • Protecting your health and safety: Raccoons can carry diseases and parasites that can be harmful to humans and pets. Our removal process ensures that you and your loved ones are safe from any potential health risks.
  • Preserving the environment: We prioritize using environmentally friendly methods and techniques to remove raccoons, minimizing the impact on the surrounding ecosystem.
  • Peace of mind: With our professional raccoon control services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property is protected and that the raccoons are being handled safely and responsibly.

Contact us now at (972) 449-4233 and we can set up a free consultation to help you get rid of these nuisances in your home and yard. You can also fill out an online form to reach us!

Attic Insulation Solutions to Deter Rodents

While it is crucial to remove rodents and other wild pests from your home, what do you do once they are eradicated? You may breathe a sigh of relief that the creatures wreaking havoc in your house are finally gone but feel great anxiety as you realize just how much damage they have caused. Fortunately, the team at Paragon Pest Control is trained in preventative measures to keep rodents from returning.

We can replace the insulation in your house, particularly since rodents often bury through insulation in walls, ceilings, and attics, making messy nests in the process. We only work with “blown in” insulation, which is designed to resist the damage done by rodents and other wildlife. 

Do you hear scurrying noises in your attic? It's probably time to call the team at Paragon Pest Control. You can reach us at (972) 449-4233 or online today!

Effective Wildlife and Rodent Exclusion Techniques

If you live in Grand Prairie, you have probably seen many forms of wild animals scampering around in the brush. This is a perfectly acceptable place for these creatures to be. However, if they are invading your home, that is another issue altogether. Our dedicated pest control team members are highly experienced at removing wildlife from your yard or home.

Call on Paragon Pest Control if you're dealing with:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Raccoons
  • Opossums
  • Squirrels

Proactive Pest Prevention for a Pest-Free Environment

At Paragon Pest Control, we understand that no one wants to deal with a pest infestation more than once. That's why we offer preventative measures to keep pests from ever entering your home or business in the first place. Our team of experts can identify potential entry points and recommend solutions to seal them off.

Some preventative measures we offer include:

  • Regularly scheduled inspections and treatments
  • Using eco-friendly products and methods
  • Providing education and tips on pest prevention

Investing in preventative pest control now can save you time, money, and stress in the long run. 

No matter what type of pest you're dealing with, from bed bugs to termites to wasps and more, Paragon Pest Control is ready to help. Contact us today at (972) 449-4233 or online to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help you prevent future pest infestations.

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  • Innovative Technology
    Our approach to pest control is unmatched. With Paragon, we have services & equipment that is customizable per house and solution needed.
  • Time & Quality
    We always provide premier customer service and stand behind our work. We will never sacrifice quality in order to finish a job sooner.
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