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Effective Hornet & Wasp Extermination in the DFW Area

Have you ever sat down to a picnic with friends, or had a family gathering to grill some delicious barbecue, only to suddenly find a swarm of wasps or hornets around your food? What begins as an enjoyable time can instantly be ruined if these pests are buzzing around. Wasps and hornets can be very aggressive when they feel threatened.

The stings and bites which result from their attacks are not only excruciatingly painful but can even cause allergic reactions for some unfortunate victims. What’s even worse is if there is a hive nearby, you simply will not be able to get rid of these insects, as they will continuously keep multiplying.

No matter what pest problem is frustrating you, whether it's a wasp nest, bed bugs in your room, termites in your walls, or any other pest, you can rely on Paragon Pest Control to get rid of your problem fast. You will need a powerful solution for your issue and can trust our technicians to offer you excellent Grand Prairie hornet and wasp control.

Contact us now at (972) 449-4233 and our team at Paragon Pest Control can set up a consultation for eliminating the wasps or hornets bothering you. 

Identifying Common Nesting Areas for Hornets & Wasps

Hornets and wasps are very versatile creatures and can make their nests and hives in many different places. We have often discovered the homes of these creatures built into porches, attics, awnings, roofs, gutters, decks, and canopies.

However, even more “unusual” places are not safe from these insects, since even grills, birdhouses, fireplaces, and outlet boxes can be adapted into their homes. Since these nests can be difficult to reach without getting bit or stuck, let us know right away so that our professionals can remove these pests.


Did You Know? A hornet is a type of wasp, but not all wasps are hornets!

Expert Wasp & Hornet Removal Strategies

Many people know the sign of a yellow and black striped insect means that it is probably a bee or wasp, but they do not know the type of pest they are dealing with. Different species of wasps may require distinct strategies for removal. Fortunately, our knowledgeable experts are highly skilled at removing multiple kinds of these stinging insects.

Some of the comprehensive services which we provide for our clients, in addition to control of generic wasps, include:

  • Full removal of nests
  • Control of aggressive hornets
  • Eradication of Dallas yellow jackets
  • Proofing your home against wasp invasions
  • Removal of other stinging pests

Ready for a Sting-Free Summer? Call (972) 449-4233 for Reliable Wasp Control in Grand Prairie.

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  • Background in Entomology
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    Upfront pricing is guaranteed and we always show up on time and ready to work. Our customer's always come first and we're not happy unless they are.
  • Innovative Technology
    Our approach to pest control is unmatched. With Paragon, we have services & equipment that is customizable per house and solution needed.
  • Time & Quality
    We always provide premier customer service and stand behind our work. We will never sacrifice quality in order to finish a job sooner.
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