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Effective Exterior Fly Control

Paragon Pest Control's Approach with Maxforce Fly Bait

Flies can quickly become a nuisance, invading your home and disrupting your peace. At Paragon Pest Control, we understand the importance of effective fly control to create a comfortable living environment. In this blog post, we will discuss our proven approach to fly control, primarily focusing on the exterior of your home using the powerful Maxforce Fly Bait. Our targeted application helps reduce the fly population outside, which can ultimately minimize their presence inside your home.

The Science behind Maxforce Fly Bait:

Maxforce Fly Bait is an advanced fly control product backed by scientific research and innovative technology. Its formulation consists of a combination of attractants and active ingredients specifically designed to target and eliminate flies.

The active ingredient in Maxforce Fly Bait is a powerful insecticide called Imidacloprid. This ingredient disrupts the nervous system of flies, leading to paralysis and ultimately their demise. Imidacloprid is highly effective in controlling flies, offering a reliable solution for reducing their population around your property.

Our Exterior Approach to Fly Control:

At Paragon Pest Control, our primary focus for fly control is the exterior of your home. By strategically applying Maxforce Fly Bait as a targeted spray around the exterior, we create a barrier that intercepts flies before they have a chance to enter your living spaces. Our trained technicians carefully assess the areas prone to fly activity, identifying hotspots where the bait is most effective.

Weather Considerations and Bait Performance:

It's crucial to consider weather conditions when implementing fly control measures. Factors like rain or extreme heat can affect the performance of Maxforce Fly Bait. During such conditions, the effectiveness of the bait may be compromised. However, under normal weather circumstances, Maxforce Fly Bait remains highly effective for approximately 2 to 3 weeks, providing continuous fly control during that period.

Monthly Service for Ongoing Results:

To maintain consistent and optimal fly control, we recommend a monthly service at Paragon Pest Control. Our proactive approach includes regular treatments to your home or the affected area, helping to manage and reduce fly populations outside of your home. While our treatments can help reduce flies inside your home, it's important to note that they are not designed to completely prevent flies from entering your living spaces.

Reducing Flies Inside Your Home:

Our exterior fly control treatments play a crucial role in reducing the overall fly population, which can have a positive impact on the number of flies inside your home. By targeting the exterior areas where flies congregate, we can significantly minimize their presence and the likelihood of them entering your living spaces. While our treatments provide effective fly control outside, it's important to implement additional measures such as proper sanitation and keeping doors and windows closed to further reduce the chances of flies entering your home.

Paragon Pest Control's exterior approach to fly control, utilizing the power of Maxforce Fly Bait, offers an effective solution to reduce flies around your property. Our targeted application around the exterior of your home creates a barrier that intercepts flies before they can enter. Maxforce Fly Bait's scientifically formulated ingredients work to disrupt the nervous system of flies, ensuring their swift elimination.

While our treatments can help minimize flies inside your home, it's important to note that they are not designed to guarantee complete prevention. With our monthly service, we proactively manage fly populations outside of your home, providing ongoing results and a more comfortable living environment.

Contact Paragon Pest Control today to experience our reliable fly control solution and enjoy a reduced fly presence around your home.