The Secret Life of Eastern Screech Owls

Three overlapping images of eastern screech owls with the text: Wildlife Wednesdays: Eastern Screech Owl

The Secret Life of Eastern Screech Owls in Dallas-Fort Worth

Uncovering the Nocturnal Habits of a Local Owl Species

Eastern Screech Owls, a common yet often unseen resident of the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area, have captivated the interest of both bird enthusiasts and wildlife lovers. At Paragon Pest Control, we're passionate not only about managing pests but also about educating our community on the wonderful wildlife around us, particularly these fascinating nocturnal birds.

Winter Behavior of Eastern Screech Owls

The winter months bring a special treat for those interested in observing Eastern Screech Owls. This is their breeding season, a time when these owls are more vocal and active during the night. Their distinct trills and whinnies echo through the trees, providing a perfect opportunity for locals to experience the natural soundtrack of DFW's nocturnal wildlife.

Habitat and Identification

Eastern Screech Owls thrive in a variety of habitats, from wooded suburban parks to forested rural areas. These small owls, measuring just about 6 to 10 inches in height, are masters of camouflage. They have two color morphs – gray and red/rufous – blending perfectly with the bark of trees.

Coexisting with Screech Owls

As a pest control company deeply rooted in the DFW community, Paragon Pest Control advocates for the respectful and mindful cohabitation with local wildlife, including Eastern Screech Owls. Here are some ways to encourage a healthy environment for these owls:

  • Preserve Natural Habitats: Maintaining wooded areas and green spaces helps provide natural habitats for these birds.

  • Install Owl Boxes: Setting up owl nesting boxes can offer a safe place for Screech Owls to roost and raise their young.

  • Minimize Pesticide Use: Reducing the use of chemicals in your garden helps maintain a healthy ecosystem for owls and their prey.

  • Respect Their Space: If you spot a Screech Owl, enjoy the view from a distance without disturbing them.


Eastern Screech Owls are a beautiful part of the DFW ecosystem. Understanding and appreciating these creatures can enhance our experience of the natural world and reinforce the importance of wildlife-friendly practices.

At Paragon Pest Control, we're committed to responsible pest management that respects the delicate balance of our local ecosystem. Join us in celebrating and protecting the wildlife of DFW, starting with these remarkable owls.