🌾 Meet the Weevils: Defend Your Pantry with Paragon Pest Control! 🛡️

Close up image of Weevils

Weevils might be small, but they can cause substantial damage to your pantry. These tiny, sneaky insects are experts at infiltrating your food supplies. Paragon Pest Control is here to help you understand these pests and offer solutions to defend your pantry effectively.

What are Weevils?

Weevils are small beetles that are known for their elongated snouts. They primarily target grains and stored food, making them a notorious pest in pantries and kitchens. Weevils can infiltrate packaged foods, contaminating them and making them unfit for consumption.

How Do Weevils Enter Your Home?

Weevils usually enter homes through purchased grains or food packages. They can lay eggs in the food products, which later hatch and continue the infestation cycle. It’s essential to inspect your groceries, especially grains, for any signs of weevils.

How to Identify Weevil Infestations:

Look for the following signs to identify weevil infestations:

  • Tiny holes in food packages.

  • Adult weevils around your pantry or kitchen.

  • Larvae or weevils in your food, especially in grains and flours.

How Paragon Pest Control Can Help:

Paragon Pest Control offers tailored solutions to combat weevil infestations. Our expert team conducts thorough inspections to identify the extent of the infestation and recommends the most effective treatment plan to eradicate weevils and prevent future infestations.

Prevention Tips:

  • Store grains and other susceptible foods in airtight containers.

  • Regularly clean pantry shelves and dispose of expired or contaminated food.

  • Purchase grains in small quantities to ensure they are consumed before infestation can occur.

  • Inspect food packages before purchasing for any signs of damage or infestation.


Weevils can be a nuisance, compromising the quality of your food and causing wastage. By understanding weevils, staying vigilant, and maintaining proper food storage practices, you can keep your pantry weevil-free. For professional assistance, Paragon Pest Control is just a call away, offering specialized solutions to defend your pantry effectively against weevils and other pests.

For more information or to schedule an inspection, contact Paragon Pest Control at (972) 435-9797, or visit our website at www.paragonpestdfw.com.