Tuesday Tips: Keep Fleas and Ticks Away from Pet Areas

Image of dog in a pet bed with the text: Pest-Proofing Tip

Tuesday Tips: Keep Fleas and Ticks Away from Pet Areas

As pet owners, our furry friends’ health and comfort are always a priority. One common issue that can affect both is the presence of fleas and ticks in the areas where they eat and sleep. Here’s how you can protect these critical areas from infestations and ensure your pets stay happy and healthy.

Why Focus on Pet Areas?

Pet areas are prime targets for fleas and ticks. These pests are attracted to the warmth and shelter provided by your pet’s bedding and eating areas, making these spots ideal for them to live and breed.

Steps to Prevent Infestations

1. Regular Cleaning

  • Wash Bedding Frequently: Launder your pet’s bedding at least once a week in hot water to kill any flea or tick larvae that might be present.

  • Vacuum Regularly: Regularly vacuum areas where your pets spend a lot of time, especially carpets and furniture, to remove fleas, ticks, and their eggs.

2. Routine Inspections

  • Check Your Pet’s Favorite Spots: Examine your pet's bedding, play areas, and other favorite spots for signs of flea dirt (tiny black specks) or actual ticks.

  • Groom Your Pet Often: Regular brushing and bathing can help catch fleas and ticks before they become a bigger problem.

3. Use Preventative Treatments

  • Consult Your Vet: Use flea and tick prevention products recommended by your veterinarian. These can include topical treatments, collars, or oral medications.

Paragon Pest Control’s Role

While taking care of the basics at home is crucial, professional pest control can also play a significant role in preventing and eliminating flea and tick infestations. At Paragon Pest Control, we offer specialized treatments that target and eliminate pests where they live and breed.


Maintaining clean and inspected pet areas is key to preventing flea and tick infestations. By integrating these practices with professional pest control services, you can provide a safer, healthier environment for your pets and family.

For more information on pest control solutions or to schedule a service, visit our website at paragonpestdfw.com.