Tuesday Tips: Mastering Seasonal Clothing Storage to Ward Off Pests

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Tuesday Tips: Mastering Seasonal Clothing Storage to Ward Off Pests

As seasons change, so do our wardrobes. But, as we swap out wool sweaters for linen shirts or vice versa, how we store our off-season clothing can significantly impact their longevity and condition. A common concern? Pests, such as moths, which can turn treasured garments into a buffet. Today's tips are all about preventing such unwelcome feasts.

The Threat: Moths and Other Pests

Moths, particularly the larvae of the clothes moth, are notorious for damaging clothing. They're attracted to natural fibers like wool, silk, and cotton, feasting on them and leaving behind holes. Other pests, like carpet beetles, can also cause similar damage.

The Solution: Sealed Plastic Containers

Why Sealed Containers?

Sealed plastic containers offer a robust barrier against pests. Unlike cardboard boxes or fabric bags, plastic containers with tight-fitting lids prevent moths, beetles, and other pests from finding their way to your clothes.

Benefits of Using Sealed Containers:

  • Pest Protection: Keeps moths and beetles out, safeguarding your clothing from damage.

  • Moisture Reduction: Sealed containers help keep moisture levels low, preventing mold and mildew, which can also attract pests.

  • Organization: Allows for easy organization and stacking, saving space and keeping your wardrobe accessible and in good condition.

Additional Tips for Seasonal Clothing Storage

  • Clean Before Storing: Always wash or dry clean clothing before storage. Pests are attracted to body oils, sweat, or food stains.

  • Use Cedar Blocks: While not a foolproof solution, cedar can deter moths. Adding a few cedar blocks to your containers can provide an extra layer of protection.

  • Check Regularly: Periodically inspect your stored clothing for any signs of pest activity. Early detection can prevent widespread damage.


Storing your seasonal clothing properly is crucial not only for organization but also for protection against pests. By following these tips and opting for sealed plastic containers, you can ensure your garments stay safe, clean, and ready for their next seasonal debut.

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