Wildlife Wednesday: The Armadillos of Texas

Three close-up images of armadillos with the text: Wildlife Wednesday

Wildlife Wednesday: The Armadillos of Texas

Unearthing the Habits of These Common Yard Foragers

Welcome to another Wildlife Wednesday! Today, we're focusing on a creature that's as intriguing as it is common in Texas, including the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex - the armadillo. These unique animals are often spotted foraging in yards and along roadways, but what do we really know about them?

Armadillos in Texas:

Armadillos are a distinctive part of Texas wildlife. Known for their armored shell and digging habits, they play a significant role in our ecosystem. However, they can also impact gardens and landscapes due to their foraging behavior.

Spotting an Armadillo:

  • Appearance: Armadillos have a distinct leathery armor and are typically about the size of a small dog.

  • Habitat: They are often found in wooded areas, but are not uncommon in urban settings, particularly where there's easy access to food.

  • Behavior: Known for their digging, armadillos are primarily nocturnal and forage for insects and grubs.

Armadillos and Your Yard:

While generally harmless, armadillos can become a nuisance if they start digging in your garden or lawn. They are known to dig small holes in search of food, which can disrupt the aesthetics and health of your outdoor spaces.

Managing Armadillo Visits:

Preventing armadillos from becoming regular visitors involves a few key strategies:

  • Limit Food Sources: Reduce access to insects and grubs that armadillos feed on.

  • Create Barriers: Fencing can help, but it needs to be deep enough to prevent them from burrowing underneath.

  • Professional Help: For persistent issues, professional wildlife management services may be necessary.


Armadillos are a fascinating part of the Texas wildlife tapestry, particularly here in the DFW area. Understanding these creatures can help us coexist peacefully with them while protecting our yards and gardens.

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