Secure Your Home with Paragon Pest Control's Termite Trench and Treat Service

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Secure Your Home with Paragon Pest Control's Termite Trench and Treat Service

Termites pose a significant threat to homes, causing billions of dollars in damage annually. At Paragon Pest Control, we understand the importance of not just eliminating these pests but ensuring they stay gone. Our Termite Trench and Treat Service is designed to provide comprehensive protection to your home, involving a meticulous process from inspection to treatment, and a thorough 30-day follow-up.

Step 1: Detailed Inspection

The journey to a termite-free home begins with a thorough inspection. Our experienced technicians conduct a detailed assessment of your property to identify signs of termite activity and potential risk areas. This crucial first step allows us to tailor our treatment plan to your home’s specific needs, ensuring effective eradication.

Step 2: Customized Treatment Plan

Based on the inspection findings, we develop a customized Termite Trench and Treat Service plan. This involves creating a trench around the perimeter of your home and applying a powerful termiticide. The termiticide is designed to not only eliminate termites on contact but also create a long-lasting barrier that prevents future infestations.

Step 3: Trenching and Treatment

Our skilled technicians then meticulously trench around your home’s foundation, carefully applying the termiticide to ensure full coverage. This barrier treatment is particularly effective against subterranean termites, the most common and destructive termite species in the United States.

Step 4: 30-Day Follow-Up

Protection doesn’t end with the treatment. We believe in ensuring our service's lasting effectiveness, which is why we include a 30-day follow-up in our Termite Trench and Treat Service. During this visit, we inspect your property again to ensure the treatment was successful and that there are no signs of termite activity. This follow-up is a critical component of our commitment to your home’s long-term protection.

Conclusion: Long-Term Peace of Mind

At Paragon Pest Control, our goal is to provide peace of mind with our Termite Trench and Treat Service. With our thorough inspection, customized treatment plan, expert application, and diligent follow-up, we stand by our promise to keep your home termite-free.

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