Eradicate with Ease: Essential Preparations for Bedbug Treatment

bedbug preparation checklist

Eradicate with Ease: Essential Preparations for Bedbug Treatment

Hello, DFW homeowners! Are you struggling with bedbugs? You're not alone, and Paragon Pest Control is here to help! Known for our professional and empathetic approach, we understand the distress these tiny intruders can cause. But don't worry, with our expert guidance and your thorough preparation, we can tackle this together!

The Bedbug Battle Plan: Pre-Treatment Prep

Step 1: Secure Your Soft Belongings

Bedbugs love to hide in soft items. To outsmart them:

  • Remove all soft, washable items from the affected area.

  • Seal them in plastic bags before moving them to the laundry—this prevents spreading the bugs.

  • Run a heat cycle in your washing machine. High temperatures are bedbugs' worst enemy!

Step 2: Wardrobe Wipeout

If your bedbug activity is high, take action with your clothes:

  • Empty your drawers and closets.

  • Bag your clothes in plastic before taking them to be washed.

  • Again, heat is key! Make sure everything goes through a hot cycle.

Step 3: Create a Clear Combat Zone

To effectively treat your space, we need clear access:

  • Remove items from the floor and keep them away from walls.

  • Place them off the floor but away from beds.

  • Clear any clutter or breakables (remember, we're not liable for these).

Step 4: Safety First for All Occupants

Safety is our top priority:

  • All people and pets should leave the premises for at least 4 hours post-treatment.

  • Got a fish tank? Cover it with a heavy blanket and seal it.

Step 5: Post-Treatment Care

Our products need time to work their magic:

  • Avoid using chemical cleaners or doing deep cleaning for 2 weeks after service.

  • For minor cleaning, mild soap and water are best, and steer clear of treated areas.

  • Once the treatment period is over, re-introduce your soft items only after a heat cycle.

Paragon Pest Control – Your Bedbug Busters

At Paragon Pest Control, we're committed to restoring comfort and safety to your home. Our expert team is equipped with the knowledge and tools to effectively tackle bedbug infestations. Remember, preparation is key, and by following these steps, you're setting the stage for a successful treatment.

Need help or have questions? We're just a call away at (972) 435-9797. Together, let's show those bedbugs they're not welcome in your home!