Wildlife Wednesday: Understanding Urban Coyotes in Winter

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Wildlife Wednesday: Understanding Urban Coyotes in Winter

The Adaptability of Coyotes in Cold Months

Welcome to another Wildlife Wednesday with Paragon Pest Control! Today, we turn our focus to a familiar yet often misunderstood creature in urban landscapes – the coyote. Particularly during the winter months, coyotes become more visible as they venture into open and even urban areas in search of food.

Coyotes in Winter: Survival Instincts

Coyotes, known for their adaptability, have a heightened need for food in winter, which drives them to explore new territories. While they typically inhabit open spaces like fields and forests, food scarcity during colder months often leads them to venture closer to human environments.

Coyotes in Urban Settings

In urban areas across Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, and the larger DFW Metroplex, sightings of coyotes have become more common. These animals have learned to navigate and adapt to urban environments, finding food and shelter amidst our cityscapes.

Safety and Coexistence

While coyotes generally pose little threat to humans, it's important for urban residents to understand how to coexist safely with these creatures. Simple measures like securing trash bins, supervising pets while outdoors, and keeping a respectful distance can significantly reduce the likelihood of negative interactions.

Coyote Behavior and Misconceptions

Coyotes are often misunderstood due to common misconceptions. They are naturally wary of humans and typically avoid contact. Understanding their behavior and needs, especially in winter, can foster a more harmonious coexistence between urban residents and these resilient animals.


As we observe wildlife this winter, let's appreciate the adaptability of coyotes and their role in our ecosystems, even in urban areas. At Paragon Pest Control, while our focus is on pest management, we also believe in educating our community about all aspects of local wildlife, including these fascinating winter wanderers.

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